“It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you have it, it requires ten times as much skill to keep it.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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August 2017 Market and Economic Outlook

After a strong first half to the year, positive economic growth continued into July.  Risk assets were up across the board and volatility was notably muted. Second quarter earnings came in strong with both revenue and earnings surprises accelerating from already strong levels, helped by a weaker US dollar and depressed oil prices.

June 2017 market and economic review and outlook

Risk assets continued with their upward momentum, generally finishing positive for the month. Politics dominated headlines with the spotlight on the Trump administration. Speculation on whether the president interfered with a FBI investigation caused equities to drop mid-month only to quickly rebound based on the strength of positive fundamentals.

May 2017 market and economic review and outlook

After drifting lower for most of the month, risk assets rallied at the end of April and finished in positive territory. The French election spurred a rebound in markets when both Republican and Socialist candidates were edged out in favor of centralist candidate, Emmanuel Macron.

April 2017 market and economic review and outlook

Risk assets finished the quarter in strong positive territory but experienced a pullback in March after notably strong performance for the first two months of the year. In a widely anticipated move, the Fed increased interest rates by 25 basis points on March 15 and rhetoric alluded to the possibility of an additional 2-3 rate hikes this year.

February 2017 market and economic review and outlook

Markets were off to a good start in 2017 as risk assets posted modest gains for the month. After taking a brief pause from the post-election fourth quarter rally, risk assets continued to climb at a more tempered pace, with returns driven more by healthy fundamentals than post-election hype. Economic data leaned positive and a solid earnings reporting season helped bolster consumer confidence.

January 2017 market and economic review and outlook

Risk assets were up for the fourth quarter to finish the year in strong positive territory. Although 2016 began with a steep double‐digit market decline, markets rallied after hitting a bottom on February 11 and credit conditions steadily improved.

December 2016 market and economic review and outlook

The dramatic market shifts in November were not for the fainthearted. Risk assets ended the month mixed with domestic assets posting strong positive returns and international assets generally negative. November began with risk assets in a steady downtrend but abruptly reversed in the aftermath of the Trump victory.

August 2016 Monthly Market and Economic Outlook

On this podcast, Amy reviews July’s market activity and provides an outlook into what’s in store for August and the rest of 2016. Here are some quick hits before you have a listen:

The Impact of Brexit

Great Britain's decision to exit the European Union (EU) has unsettled global markets. What happens next to global markets and the global economy is still uncertain so . . . investors should be prepared for a bumpy ride

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June 2016 Monthly Market and Economic Outlook

After a weak start to the month, risk assets finished May with strong returns. Despite increased rumblings for a mid-year Fed rate hike creating uncertainty in the market, climbing oil prices and strong housing data helped uphold investor confidence and worked as a catalyst for positive gains during the month.

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