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Manage Your Retirement Account

If you have the time to review your portfolio on a regular basis and are knowledgeable enough about the economy to make appropriate adjustments, managing your own account might be the right decision. But, if you are constrained by time and familiarity with the financial markets, or if you simply don’t enjoy monitoring your account, professional investment management may be right for you.



Tremendous demands on your time often leave little opportunity for personal investment management. In fact, studies show that people normally spend more time planning a vacation and do more thorough research when buying a car than when getting ready for retirement.


A PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT TEAM will monitor your portfolio daily and make adjustments according to changing economic and market conditions.

A disciplined investment strategy, designed, implemented & managed by a PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT TEAM, helps investors manage risk and pursue optimized returns.

Our investment strategists and portfolio managers – many of whom hold the prestigious Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation – are experts in financial management. They are trained in finance and economics, and spend countless hours conducting research and due diligence.


We offer a variety of investment management styles, all of which attempt to address and better manage the emotional element of investing, which often causes investors to chase returns or improperly / inadequately diversify their accounts.

Over the years, we've helped current and former employees from the following industries:

  • Airlines
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Technology (Consumer & Business Applications)
  • Aerospace
  • Local, Regional & State Government
  • Music, Instruments & Electronics
  • Education (K-12, Colleges and Universities)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Medical Centers & Teaching Institutions) 

And many more!

For more information, to find out if your plan is eligible, or to receive a complimentary assessment & proposal, give us a call or send us a message today.